Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Contemplations in Summer Uniforms

Aritzia, Aldo, Ray Ban, The Gap, American Eagle

Alas, the big bad blog is back.  Now, mind you, while this blog is not big per say, and hopefully not bad(?), an opportunity to infuse one's ideas into an alliterative statement should always be taken. Because who doesn't just love a good 'ole literary device?

While getting oneself a hearty education is never an excuse, it has certainly been an arterial road block to actually blogging, which is an activity located quite close to my heart. (Catch my drift wood?) As such, I must apologize, particularly considering my last post opens in a very similar way, and yet I posted it approximately seven months ago.  Despite this, I have resolved to post at least once a month, or every other week once school has resumed, and as frequently as possible until then. So once again, je suis ici, back on the platform where text, photography and style collide perfectly like the various fruit components of a delectable smoothie.

The unfortunate thing about the dedication I have to my educational practices, is that is consumes my attention much of the three out of four seasons, leaving me with summer alone to dedicate to the projects that my heart truly longs for, like blogging. And if this ratio was to be represented via warm chocolate brownie and ice cream bursting with flavour, one could say I would be highly unimpressed, and would likely send it back and cancel my friendships with whomever consumed my delicacy. Furthermore, being in uniform during the prime seasons of dress (i.e. the Fall), is like planting my heart in a field, only to run it over with a tractor - repeatedly, like every day for 10 months. So much so, that come summer I feel a great struggle between residing within a bathing suit and cut offs and making up for the 10 months lost to conformity of apparel.

That being said, the quintessential summer uniform does not have to be as basic as it sounds. Respective to the city, rather then the cottage, of course. Chez cottage, bathing suits are practically a second layer of skin, and its unlikely I'll pick a fight on that front.

Aritzia, Aldo, The Gap, American Eagle, Ray Ban

The, so called, "summer uniform," is not in fact a uniform, but rather a code of dress to prohibit the wearer from encountering any dishevelled discrepancies.  It consists of the perfect balance between visual interest, and casual comfort, and is perfect for where ever the train ride that is your day might take you.  

Aritzia, Aldo, Ray Ban, American Eagle, The Gap

The above is photographical evidence of a few vital summer twist ties (note: twist ties > staples, as they tend to be in a closer proximity to food and food, dear amigas, is rad).  My blue gradient Ray Ban aviators are saviours when it comes to visionary needs, which include, but are not limited to, ultraviolet protection. And incase I have only been about as clear as mud, thus far; the cut offs are compulsory. This pair was purchased chez American Eagle, only a few weeks ago.

Aritzia, American Eagle, The Gap, Aldo, Ray Ban,

This very unique Aritzia Blazer is perhaps the most fundamental portion of the summer uniform.  A blazer or jacket (leather or otherwise) has the power to elevate your look from lowly and boring to stylish and put together.  It's the most idyllic combination of an opportunity for creativity, and polishing piece that works to complete an easy yet excellent ensemble. 

Aritzia, Community, Aldo, American Eagle, Ray Ban, The Gap

This Community by Aritzia bag is phenomenal for summer, particularly considering the material is incredibly light and durable and is comparable in storage to Mary Poppin's number one handbag.  And, if she's not the definition of a bag lady, I can't say I know what is!

Aritzia, American Eagle, Aldo, Ray Ban, The Gap

In terms of a summer filled with activities, comfort is key.  The comfort these Aldo Sandals provide is essentially synonymous to a memory foam mattress.  You wear them, and boy do you remember.  And having recently been mattress shopping, I can attest to that.

Underneath it all, I wear a beige A-line muscle tank brought to you in part by the Gap, whose superior basics and BOGO sales make them consistently worth the browse.  If this is the uniformity of summer, I can't say I can complain.  Who thought I'd ever type those words?

What does your summer uniform consist of?
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