Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to Fall (Previously Known As Back to School) Retail Preperations

Zara face and french text T-shirt

Around this time every year, for the majority of my existence, an important task has been placed in my hands and upon my wallet.  I am sure you know the occasion that I am discussing; the ever important wardrobe preparations for the return to education.  I also understand it to be known as "back to school" shopping.

Of course this joyful situation has to be known now as "back to fall' shopping due to this new thing called my uniform.  It has been since reduced to a simple, but excellent excuse, to indulge in some therapy - of the retail variety.  So in honour of this oxymoronic time of year, I thought I could share my purchases and shopping adventures with none other then, well, you!

Topshop pastel blue embellished shoulder knit sweater

Stop one, as per usual when visiting this one particular and favourite mall, was Topshop, because, it is the top shop (ha see what I did there? Serious fancility (fancy and such)).  Also, a major factor is that we tend to park at The Bay entrance, and Topshop happens to be within The Bay.  I thank you profusely, so, so much, Ms. Bonnie Brooks. This store is a very valuable and generally effective stop if you ask me. This pastel blue sweater with embellished shoulders was my first purchase despite the fact that I am not typically drawn to this hue in most sorts of clothing.  But, in this case the fit and shoulders proved to woo me - and I do now acknowledge a liking for the colour.

Topshop black pleated skirt

My next purchase happens to look an awful lot like the skirt I wear daily to my education centre. However, the pleats are located in the front and the colour is black not grey, which makes all the difference.  Although, I will admit that before finding this skirt, I had started to think of ways to wear my uniform skirt off education duty.  Call that unlikely! Unlikely! (I'm calling it unlikely..just a btw for your comprehension purposes)

Topshop Drive In Tube Skirt

Let's be serious here.  Who doesn't want a drive-in skirt!? Well actually, I don't know about you really, but I do know that I certainly did and continue to.  At first I didn't think I would like the look of a long tube skirt on me, but I have really grown to love it.  I tried this style on in this print and in a more colourful one, but as usual I gravitated towards the darker tones of the photograph featured on this skirt. It also came in a size that fit a little looser (so I can breath - phew) so really, when shove and push came together, I just had to go with this one!

Topshop Moto Cross jacket

This Topshop jacket! It is so edgy and warm - which is excellent since by purchasing it I am planning ahead for winter.  If theres one part of the frigidity to come that is overly positive, it's having the opportunity to wear this everyday! That is, without melting.

Zara french text tee

Shall we just briefly discute Zara?  While I know it's all fun and joyful to use their recently added online shopping opportunities, there is nothing like venturing into an actual store.  I find that in Zara you can find a lot of cool articles of cloth in a lot of different styles, making it a must-stop!  This black top is an excellent basic with just a touch of interest with the french text, and the fabric has an incredible feel. This is awful to say considering I was in french immersion for eight years, but I can't seem to figure out what the text means! I have even used various dictionary tools, but cannot make sense of it. Yosif: if you can, please holler at me and I shall owe you!

Zara Face tee
THIS SHIRT HAS A FACE ON IT!! I typically enjoy an article of clothing featuring faces, particularly Zara's interpretations.  Unfortunately, the crease through the right eye could not be banished, but I think you get the point.  And, it adds individuality to the facial structure which is most likely arguably important.

Mendicino leather overall jumper

Now, there was one thing I had secretly or not so secretly hoped would come of this shopping trip and that was a full length overall.  But, never in a million years would it have crossed my imagination that they would be leather.  Actually that's a slight overstatement because I have always enjoyed various articles of clothing that come in leather.  Did I put emphasis on LEATHER OVERALLS?  Would you believe me if I told you that Mendicino, which is where I bought these was the last place we looked? We almost didn't even go! But, thank goodness I did!! 

Material Girl gold plated black leather booties, flat moon boots with studs

Material Girl gold plated black leather booties, flat moon boots with studs (side view)

These two pairs of superb Material Girl booties mark the start and end to the shopping trip.  They were the first stunners that I laid eyes on and the last purchase I made.  This is for numerous reasons; I didn't want to carry shoes around for several hours, I had to be sure that I didn't see any better boots (which, I DID NOT) and now that I have typed that, I have forgotten the remaining reasons - I will get back to this the instant my short term memory returns.  

Less of regard (an inverted regardless), I love the ones to the left because they are more dressy then those that I already own, slightly higher in the heel zone and the excellent gold plating on the toe and heel are a quality I am drawn too. Then, the ones to the right, oh the ones to the right.  These ones were a surprise; I didn't know I would love them until I tried them on.  I love the casual qualities, the flatness and the studs. Who doesn't love a good stud!

Theory Black, Fitted, Cropped leather jacket
Finally, a piece not purchased on the excursion, but I thought it very much deserved to be recognized. This is my new, beautiful, cropped Theory black leather jacket purchased via Hanley's Boutique in Ancaster.  I could not tell you how ecstatic I am to have this piece in my wardrobe and I am so enthused to start wearing it! It will look wonderful dressed up over a dress or worn more casually, and the slim fit is so flattering.

If I were to say so, and I plan to say so, I would deem that it has been an effective and satisfyingly successful year in the back to fall also known as school shopping department.  I am ever so pleased! At least my wardrobe and I will now have some comfort to help ease us back into the school year.

Oh yeah, and this, which is right above this text, is the turkey vulture.  I'll leave you to ponder this further on your own time.

Leave your thoughts one back to school shopping/your must-haves/ favourite shops to hit and any other comments below! Thanks for reading.

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