Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Super Fly: Purchases Over Seas

Oia, Santorini, Greece
Like a monkey monking mischieviously from branch to vine, I tend to experience bursts of blogging momentum that explode from my esophagus.  It is in instances like these that the ink from my pen races to the page, like an ancient athlete making his way from Marathon to Athens. (Major S-slash-O to Greece for popularizing physical activity; evidently, your involvement in my good books is questionable). Unfortunately, one of these spurs struck in the midst of the seven seas, and upon returning from the area populated with dos hydrogens and solo oxygens  to that of free "wi-" and "fi," the flood of momentum immediately dried up.  Go figure.

But hey, how ever many weeks later, and I'm back.

Ephesus, Turkey - Ancient Town once occupied by both the Greeks and the Romans.

Voyaging the various oceanic bays, and traveling the lands embraced by the warm tuscan sun, I was able to discover the rich and enchanting history and culture hidden within many of europe's nooks and crannies.  I couldn't help exist in a perpetual state of wonder, particularly at the minute size of our very being, not only in terms of geography and population today, but in the entire existance of the world.

But, while I would love to textualize my feelings towards various destinations of my voyage, I know you'd be rolling in your seat and dancing on your grave just waiting for me to get to the good part. That being the purchases - clearly! It is my belief that whilst trotting across the globe, soaking in the culture and learning should be the priority, and with that, one should purchase items that will last and that connect you to that moment and those experiences, in a personalized way.

Seen in Ephesus
And so, here we are. This swegged out chika is the inspiration for some of my newest prize possesions. Going by the name of Nike (pronounced niké), this gal pal is the ancient greek goddess of victory - serious props to her for out-flying* efforts in girl power and mega pummeling. This girl even won herself a popular clothing brand, as the athletic company in her namesake, Nike, even drew from her image to create the renowned swoosh we know and love aujourd'hui.

*Why stand when you've got wings?!

Despite my inability to reject fiddling, I would argue that the use of rings as a decorative touch, really elevates the overall productivity of the phalanx. For that reason and for my ever enduring love of a good pummel (in the least violent sense of the term), this silver and gold plated ring of the Goddess Nike, struck me as a momento I would always cherish.  Depicting an ancient greek calendar, the silver ring was a birthday gift from a close friend and her ultra fab fam.  To me, the calendar aspect of the ring is reminiscent of my wonder at the age of the traditions, culture, and history we were able to experience.

If these aren't super fly, then I'm not sure I'll ever be able to utter those syllables again. While I don't know the full story of inspiration behind the creation of these sandals, I imagine them to be an hommage to none other then the goddess of pummeling herself.

Voilà. Here is photographical evidence of the shop in which these sandals were birthed. The shop keeper sized us from sight and fit the shoes, unique each in colour and exact fit, to perfectly flatter our feet. The experience was like a needle in the haystack of past shopping experiences.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!
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