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Hello cat people of the city, nation and perhaps even internationally!  Please, refrain from being offended by this if you do not like cats, because even if you don’t  you are still expressing some sort of emotional devotion to the subject of cats and can thus fall under the genre that is cat people.  

Now that I have your attention, you may be wondering what cat people have to do with anything, especially my blog.  Absolutely nothing (that is the added irony of it all)!!  This blog is about style, my relationship with it and my unique point of you.  I’m hoping you’ll keep reading! 

Hey look!!! That’s my face! Wow, would you look at that! Shocking huh. Wow.

I am a high school attendee who wears an unfortunate uniform at a great school some place in Ontario, Canada. My name is Zoë Kovacs. I have fostered an obsession with headbands (the sparkly variety are preferred) for years, dungarees (preferably pronounced with a J, not a G) and meatsticks (specifically those theme park turkey legs, and certainly found on my favourite sweatshirt) along with a fascination with West Mexico (a story for another day).  I am also very interested in the concept of irony among many other things!

I was encouraged to start The Casual Free Style for a multitude of reasons. Fashion has always captured my attention and by reading The Man Repeller and other blogs I have always been fascinated with the idea of blogging.  However, until now, I have never been able to make the time to take the plunge.  This all changed when I was presented with an open-ended opportunity through school and chose to finally create my blog with the goal of documenting the evolution of my personal style and point of view.  Along with this I have hopes that I will convince you and possibly many other people our age to express themselves through clothing and to be true to their own points of view.

As a result of these goals I named my blog, “The Casual Free Style,” as it represents what I believe is important to my style and what I would like to encourage you to do.  The word “casual” refers to the idea that to be stylish, especially at our age, one should never feel the need to be overly dressy or fussy in their fashion and should be dressed well but in correspondence with their daily activities.   “Free”, on the other hand, means that one should dress their body in a flattering way in the spirit of freely representing their true selves.

I hope that through my blog you’ll be able to find inspiration for your twisting journey of personal style and that we can become the best of cyber amigoses.



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