Monday, September 1, 2014

No Top, No Problem - The Last of Summer's Sartorial Adventure

While summer is coming to a close as inconviently as your favourite pizza shop on a holiday monday, it's not all bad.  Sure - returning to a time of hard work isn't always the easiest of adjustments; fall comes plenty anticipated.  Perhaps most enchanting about autumn, is that one can seek inspiration from both neighbouring seasons of dress and can experience the luxury of wearing outerwear for sheer amusement, rather then being dictated by the lovely luminescent object of our universe (sun) or by temperature-induced necessity.

However, despite the wardrobe indulgences that await, we must squeeze a little dose of adventure into the remaining moments of summertime.  After all, it is the only season in which you can avoid wearing a top!

While looking forward to fall fashion, I stumbled into adoration with a beautiful metallic midi skirt, however that striking shimmering bushel of fabric wasn't in the cards.  As I was still after the cut and fit of that skirt, coming across the above Talula (Aritzia) skirt seemed to be written in the stars.  I mean, the depicted celestial bodies clearly twinkly too, right?

Having never draped fabric across such a large percentage of my legular region, I found myself at a loss as to what to pair with my new skirt.  And while athletic inspirations have caused me great trial and tribulation, considering my historic and vehement opposition to the running shoe, my gym bag had a sudden appeal.  It just wasn't my toes I looked too...

The intriguing experiment that would be wearing a sports bra as a top became the only viable option, in my mind. I mean, it sure seemed to beat the "daisy dukes and bikinis on top" that weather lady Ms. Katy Perry commands.

And when the fun that can be had in the absence of conventional articles of clothing is comparable to that of the art that can by made from beet juice (my latest creative adventure); it is simply too much to stand.  Hence the exemplary sitting I demonstrate above.

With this twirling delicacy of a skirt, I, of course, paired a simple black sports bra courtesy of Joe Fresh.  A white one had originally crossed my mind in an effort to lighten the look, but as a consequence of my athletic engagements of late, it was enjoying a good 'ole spin cycle in the laundry.

I then wore a leather moto vest by Mackage for Aritzia to cover a bit more skin.  As a general rule, I like to compensate for skin I am either covering or baring, in order to keep my outfits within the margin of envelope pushing, rather then envelope bursting.  I wore Zara greek inspired sandals, my Citizen Eco Drive watch, Ray Ban aviators and the rings featured in my last post.

Although you now have the outfit details; my photographist by the name of Tiny Senior, for those that know him, insisted this be included.  What could be the point of wearing an athletically inclined garment without doing an athletically inclined activity?

And alas, that is all, my friends. Adios! I am off to salvage the last increments of summer, and hope you are too!

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Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed!

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