Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I Wish I'd Worn: The First Day Of School

French Text Zara Tee Shirt Shot

This week includes an important day for the majority of humans within the educational range of ages. The first day of school.  This day is not only important in the subject of actual education, but also in that in it is an opportunity to start fresh in a multitude of ways. Organization in school work and life are a few of the ways, but also we have the ability to make a good first impression on teachers and friends, new and old alike.  Now, in my current educational centre, the first day of school outfit that I used to prepare with joy no longer applies.   However, the concept is still fundamental to my well being and so I thought I could share the first of many What I Would Have Worn posts - a form of an outfit of the day when particular day's don't have outfits.

Prep School Uniform

Here is the photographical evidence that I am wearing my uniform, and it is on the first day of school. So, no stresses, I didn't break rules or any of that negative stuff.  However I do wish I had had the opportunity to express myself through my clothing on the primary day of the educational year.  The decision of what one wears in fundamental.  As a dear friend pointed out to me, you want to look put together and appropriate to your style and personality, but it also has to be effortless and understated, as not to look like you try to hard - an intriguing line to walk.

Black Zara top, Topshop skirt, Material Girl Boots

Ah-haaa (that's an accentuated something or other - the point of which I do not know other then to draw your attention to the outfit above.)  To me - and it may not to you, but I am me - this outfit is casual, yet just dressy enough, understated and put together and ever so slightly cool.  Also, note the irony that this skirt looks like a black inverted version of my uniform skirt. That's quite shocking, huh? See some other comments about said beautious piece in this post.

Here, for the first day of school, I am physically enthralled in Material Girl booties, a Zara pleated skirt and black french text shirt of the T variety.  Also, for my ironic time telling needs I am wearing my Citizen's watch. Woot Hoot & such.

Footwear shot: gold plated material girl heeled booties

Here I have allowed your eyes the pleasure (should you deem it that), to view the ever important foot wear up close and as personal as this makes you feel.  THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR SKIPPING AND SO THAT'S JUST WHAT THEY'LL DO! Sing along hobies.  Last time I checked walking was overly main stream and exceptionally old chestnut (a non cliché synonym for cliché).

I hope that everyone had/had a joyful first day of school this year! Please leave your thoughts and comments below!  Thanks for reading.

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