Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall Boots To Keep Us From Actually Engaging in the Act of Falling

Material Girl gold studded flat sand boots

By the time glimpses of fall roll in, whether it be leaves changing, the arrival of labour day weekends or the chilling temperatures, there's one thing on just about everybody's mind - whether they have school to shop for or not.  This time calls for a serious contemplation of fall footwear, particularly boots.  And, due to this fantastic footwear phenomenon, Independent Fashion Bloggers has created their IFB Project #110: Fall Boots.

As a result, and also because I am, by nature, a boot person, I thought that I would take this opportunity upon myself and discuss my go-to fall footwear and my approach to taking on the task of dressing my feet for this transitionational season.  
Valentino Flower Detail Combat Boots
Meet my ideal dream boot of now and the foreseeable future.  Of course, this is a Polyvore set, because I do not have multiple K's (thousands) of dollars to spend on this stunning pair of Valentino footwear/art.  I refer to these boots as art because I feel that these combat boots are more a work of art in structure, quality and design than a typical shoe.  The edgy look of the combat boot gives these boots a great wearability factor, obviously have edge and they simply "eat to my menu" (A new take on, "sing to my song book," if that's even a saying).  The leather flower detail gives the boot a subtle femininety that I love and is unique from the typical studs or pattern patch work that we see more frequently - not that I don't love a good stud! They also have that quality that allows you to see them worn in day to day life - even if your not a super model who can rock anything - but also work as that beautiful go-to statement piece every human needs.

Alexander Wang Boots

Alexander Wang Cut-out heel boots
Now that we have passed the boot to obsess over despite lack of affordability, I plan to share with you a boot I would die to have, but is just out of reach.  As I mentioned, I come by a love of boots honestly, since my Mom has passed her love onto me.  I have lived all my life waiting for that day where my feet reached a size 8 or at least 8 1/2 if not 9 in shoes.  I had hoped with all my heart and other vital organs that that day would have come much sooner since it has not exactly occurred yet to date.  At these sizes, the magical key is given to me and the doors to the pot of gold are open: my Mom's boot collection.

If I could have any one pair of her boots fit my current size feet in an obscure turn of events, it would be the Alexander Wang Chelsea Boots.  Again, I just can't help but love them, as I love all of Wang's designs. I love the effortless cool - the edge. I like that these boots are subtle and qualitational, but the cut-out heel just takes the boot up a notch to a very sickly pawesomey (awesome in a new term) notch. The cut-out heal is edgy and the height of the boot great with jeans cuffed and slouchy or just tucked in. Perfect fall boots and perfect fall foot wear!

Brown Combat boots

I, for one, or for as many as you would like to count me for, am a major fan of the low, beaten-up combat boot, and I believe that they are perfect for fall.  Here I show you my favourite brown leather pair, however choosing the colour of yours is a matter of what you think you'll wear most.  I personally have both brown and black in a combaty kind of style, but it's probably not necessary.  This style is a must for me.  Although I didn't buy these this year, I think in a sense the weathered low boot is kind of a classic - a definite investment with serious value.  I love a boot like this with every thing from jeans to a skirt or floral dress with a pretty little sock showing!

Black tall riding boots, Ted Baker
It's of the ever most importance to own a riding boot.  Whether you ride or not just a casual formality that is not really valuational enough to put great thought into.  The riding boot is a CLASIC.  If you don't have a pair, make them your required fall boot purchase.  However don't rush and get poor quality or fit if you can hold out just a bit.  This is a boot you will have for life or at least the majority of your positive livelyhood!!  This style of boot is perfect for fall, with denim, pants, sweaters and skirts, with or without tights.

Material Girl booties Fall 2013

As you know from my Back To Fall Shopping post a few day's ago, the boots you see above are my chosen and recently purchased fall boots, both of which are by Material Girl.  Before purchasing fall boots, I think it is important to take a wardrobe inventory - specifically of, uh, hola, your boots.  If you have your fall classics covered and a little dollar amount to play with, go for a trendier piece, but if your shoe size has remained the same in recent years (like me, unfortunately for my cause) and you don't have the basics covered, I'd hold off on the trendier shtuff.   Because, you wouldn't want to be like a pickle farmer without your cucumber seeds and various pickling tools (pickles aren't grown - wow).

Those on the right are much dressier than any that I have already and the gold plating and leather textures are details with edge that I love.  They go superbaliciously with both skirts and dresses, along with a rolled pant.  Those on the left are slightly more studded adding edge and are much more casual - and of course take away the heel to the right and what else could say practical?  What's best is that Material Girl is fairly inexpensive which makes boots purchases be-h-yond ideal.

What are your thoughts on fall boots and footwear?  Leave you ideas, thoughts and comments below please! Thank you for reading!

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  1. Hi Zoe;
    Great post. I've been thinking about shortie boots but I'm pretty conservative and haven't seen anything I thought I could pull off with a skirt or dress. Your last pic is great - I think I could do either one.

    Love the rest of the your comments. I hadn't appreciated how expansive a planned boot collection could be. Mine consists of riding boots and get me through the winter snow and mud boots. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hi!

      I really love the boots in the last picture as well, they are very versatile and relatively inexpensive! I think that you could definitely rock them with more feminine pieces! Boots are a great way to shake up your wardrobe and looks! I'm so glad my post offered some inspiration. Thanks so much for reading!