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Shopping in Muskoka – Is it qualitative? Is it possible?

View of dock, muskoka chairs and Lake, from behind trees

Summer, two simple syllables that describe the two months of the year coveted the most.  The time on the yearly clock in which we all plan our great escape is now.  Ontario’s cottage country is just that escape many are looking for, away from the bustling hustle of the city – but what is summer without shopping?  Cottagers are not entirely at a loss for retail therapy.  Despite the idea that finding good shopping in Muskoka may be as easy as finding a cob of corn growing on an apple tree, it is not impossible, but the forms in which it comes are quite ironic.  In the shopping hub of Muskoka, Port Carling, you can find an extravagant top or shoe, but it is nearly impossible to find a plain white t-shirt without, “Muskoka” emblazoned across it, unless you head to your local grocery store.

TWT Presents Bridgeport store front, Port Carling, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. TWT Presents Bridgeport store front, Port Carling, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada Abbey's Bake House in Muskoka, Port Carling location Shopping in Muskoka Muskoka Chairs Green and White

This shop, “TWT Presents Bridgeport,” offers shopping better for host or hostess gifts, but does contain a decent enough selection of clothing worth having a look through.  It also contains a baked-goods station for your thorough consumption enjoyment, but also presents the risk that you may out grow your recent purchases.

Industrial star backdrop, cottage, black and white striped high-low /mullet dress, American Eagle Jean Jacket, Aldo nude floral sandals

Here, I wear the black and white striped mullet dress (or high-low dress – which ever floats your goat), that I purchased at Bridgeport with a basic American Eagle denim jacket and nude, flowered sandals that I bought at Aldo a few years back.  To me, it was quite the pleasant surprise that I liked this dress enough to buy it as I typically have an anti-high-low-skirt-itude, because I feel that they don’t flatter most girls when they wear them.  But, when I tried it on something was just rightola! I think it may or may not have been the fit and the stripes I was drawn too.

Simple Chic, Port Carling, Ontario, Canada Muskoka Shopping, Designers, Latest Trends, Hand bags, Jewelry, Cashmere, Clothing

Welcome to simple chic – a favourite of mine! It is always worthwhile to walk back to this quaint boutique, because you may just walk out with a must-have!  Despite its tendency to be higher in price, it is definitely worth the peep inside, as you never know when you’ll even find something small, but stunning!

Sparkly Head Accessories, Simple Chic, Port Carling Ontario, Wood Table, Birch, Shopping in Muskoka

These two sparkling headbands are few in comparison to my collection of head accessories, and many more of the others came from the same local.  Simple Chic never fails to have the perfect band of the head variety and I have been building my collection for many summers now.  A major bonuta (meaning bonus) is that hardly anyone else ever has them!

Artifacts Store Front, Port Carling, Ontario, Canada, contains home furnitings and a boutique, clothing, wildfox, shoes, jewelry.  Also a Toronto Location.

See artifacts, humans.  And that is exactly what you’ll find inside.  The quaint home contains mountains of unique and stunning furniture, along with some phenomenal clothing! It’s never not worth two visits in one trip, and the people are incredible.

Jeweled heel, layered gladiator sandals with side zipper in brown. Bought at Artifacts, Port Carling, Ontario, Shopping in Muskoka. These are new Muskoka Shoes.

As the flamboyant shopkeeper said – these shoes are the definition of new Muskoka.  And those ratty old flip flops my mom walked in with? Old Muskoka. These rockin’ gladiator sandals are simply announcing casual elegance with the jeweled back and neutral colour scheme.  They are the Ying and the Yang of Muskoka footwear, not too casual, yet not overly dressed up.

As you can see and have read, cottage country isn’t entirely rustic – there is some room for some incredible wardrobe and stomach expansion.  There are obviously plenty of corncobs growing in this apple tree!  With such great shopping to be done, its not a surprise even the more urban of the human race can find peace in Ontario’s cottage country.

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