Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What Time Is It? This amongst other occurrences of ironic tales and dress

black Zara Basic skort, Helmut Lang cardigan, Silver Citizens watch, purple American Eagle Watch
So, what time is it?

Let's just ponder a quick and maybe not so abrupt situation here.  How, also known as why, on a planet would I need the time if I have multiple watches present on my wrist.  Something about this whole prospect smells meaty does it not? But you see that is precisely the irony of it shining brilliantly through, which is quite excellent in my humble opinion.  I also just don't read clocks because, yola, it takes too much time.

In my brain's thought sector, irony is quite the concept - one which I have investigated thoroughly. My ironic trials and tribulations have been long sitting (as opposed to standing) with my comprehension slowly evolushing over time.

It all started when The Man Repeller put a photo on instagram and referenced ironic dressing.  In negative 2 seconds the lure had caught me (a fishing reference, although I do not tend to engage in such behaviours). Unhappy with my current perception of irony, I set out on a quest to understand it, and of course its genre of dressing.

I consulted classmates, many of which, or mostly just one, informed me that irony was something that was kind of maybe a metal, or similar at least.  When I could tell this would only get me so far, I took to looking at pop culture of the ages.  Think, "Isn't it Ironic" by Alanis Morissette.  Which, if you haven't heard it before, is down below for your listening pleasure.  I was left dumb founded and confuzled. Nothing.  Nothing in that song is actually ironic, but that in its self is the hidden irony.

My next skip (certainly not step, that would not be quite as joyous) was to ask my English teacher for help, since I had concluded that she must have some sort of background in the literary device, and after many poor attempts at being ironic, I began to understand.  Eventually, I stumbled upon my greatest discovery in irony.  I figured that if one lived indefinitely seeking irony and failing, that in itself would be a beautifully ironic tale. Thus, the Hah Moment (an inverted, "Aha Moment").

Braid headband, Zara embellished crop top, oversized american eagle denim shorts, Joe Fresh flatform/platform sandals, industrial metal star

Here I have outfitted myself in 4 articles of cloth. A Zara embellished, cropped top (this top is basically a work of art, should I make the verdict), an H&M black tank top, borrowed American Eagle shorts, obviously, a few sizes big on me and my Joe Fresh flatform/platform sandals (also featured here and here). If I were to, and I might, purchase shorts extra big to make for this kind of look, I think I might go one size down just to add to the ease of wear.  Oh, and I also wear a thin black belt - the origin of which I am unsure.  The irony implied here is that I'm wearing an embellished and therefore typically dressy top, with slouchy jean shorts.  But it gets better.

Stand up paddle boarding on a lake in Muskoka, while wearing Zara embellished top, American eagle over sized denim shorts

True Irony.  If committing to the activity and risk required of a water sport, no matter the level of rigor, while wearing anything other than a bathing suit, let alone a piece of such embellishment isn't ironic, I don't know what is.  See, ironic dressing is enthusiating because it's unpredictable, thus throwing spectators off completely.

Zara Embellished top, H&M black tank top, Over sized American Eagle jean shorts, thin black belt, a close up view, Lake of Bays,

Finally, I have treated those who view this to a close up look at the outfit of this particular jour. I thought you may be inclined to wish for a close up view of the splendicity of this top and the beauty that is gracefully over-sized shorts.  This photo also demonstrates that ironic SUPing (stand up paddling) can be executed in clothing, but sight tools (glasses,that is) do not always fare well.

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