Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Problem Piece Makes a Triumphant Return (Following up with the PP)

Brown wood table, hollow horn, birch logs and candles, Joe Fresh Nude Flatform/Platform Sandals

Well, you've already met the problem piece.  And if you haven't, you'll find that this cross-breed of a flatform/platform sandal will formally enter your life via this post.  They had caused almost endless trouble to me, but soon enough the dilemmas we faced in our mid shoe-girl relationship ended and now we are back to our pummeling status.  It's similar to the situation that occurs when a person finds their perfect horseshoe shot, one with which you can win any match, the technique unlocks a world of possibilities in the sport that is horse footwear. Mastering that first outfit helped me be inspired to find the second.

Two days after the first look was birthed, my mom's birthday arrived.  With this came an opportunity to eat a delicious dinner at an island golf club on my lake, and let me informatize you - it was excellent.  But with occasions like these comes the opportunity to dress up just a little, and so I got ready.  Once I had my clothes on, I knew the problem piece had found its next look.  Because, for me the dressing process typically occurs in the order: clothing; accessories (hair typically included); and, then I sort out the lunette (glasses) situation.  I put the top and skirt on and ba-bam these shoes sang out at me.

American Eagle jean jacket, H&M top, Topshop skirt, Joe Fresh Nude flatforms/platforms

Here I wear a Topshop skirt, Divided by H&M black sleeveless top and, American Eagle jean jacket and my silver Citizen's watch.  And of course, excuse me but, duh, my Joe Fresh platform sandals.  I like this look particularly because the denim jacket makes it more casual and the varying textures and cuts of the pieces give the outfit variety.  The skirt is great because the fabric actually contains a variety of colours up close, making colour choices easy and adding superb dimension.  I think this look was just dressy enough but also suitably casual - a truly superb balance, if I do say so myself.  Like the yang and the ying doing some quality sitting together.  And, just an FYI, I'm going to opt for that, "I do say so."

Candid, American Eagle jean jacket, H&M top, Topshop skirt, Joe Fresh Nude flatforms/platforms

Here, humans, view myself thoroughly enjoying the outfit and the day.  This was candid, meaning that I can and I did, so it's also technically a glimpse into my very existence.  I thought you'd enjoy. Live long and party on fellow persons!!  Pummelling is an ideal option as well, one which I highly suggest although solely in positive gestures.  Negative pummelling is bad, very bad.  I highly advise against it. Great joy comes from a shoe's successful wardrobe integration! Cheers! In the celebratory and cheerful format!

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