Friday, August 16, 2013

Rejecting Denim Distaste

Embroidered denim jacket, boyfriend jeans and other denim dispersed on front of Boston Whaler boat on the water of Lake of Bays ON

“The Jean! The jean is the destructor! It is the dictator! It is destroying creativity.  The jean must be stopped.” – Pierre Cardin

Cardin, an Haute Couture designer, has an unfortunate and obvious distaste for jeans.  And I acknowledge, it is true, this denim product is capable of producing creative destruction.  It can become uniform like, is sometimes ill-fitting (see the mom jean: sometimes positive, but mostly negative) and can just be all over bad for the vast majority of humans on occassion.  So yeah, I admit it, jeans can suck, but terrible degrees of suckiness can be quite easily and formidably avoided.

Denim has basically transformed itself from the various hues of blue that it once was, to a material of neutralistic value. This gives it the ability to go with basically anything.  It's a staple.  And as we know from crafting and affixing multiple page reports, staples are fundamental because they hold together so many looks. Darker denims can be dressed up and all can be dressed down, plus the jean has become a form shifting creature that takes many shapes. Picture it: denim dresses, skirts, shirts, jackets, etcetera etcetera etcetera and various other useful latin terms. Thus, I have decided to gather a multiplex (or rather, a plethora) of denim looks as a gentle rebuttal of this denim distaste. (Also, denim distate is alliteration and so it is enjoyable to say at certain moments in time.)

Zara denim overalls, embroidered bomber jacket and lace top.  Converse laceless sneakers.

First, and 4 mosts: the dungaree (pronounced as though spelt with a J, never the G that's implied in it's absurd spelling: this is fundamental knowledge).  "First," because my dungarees also known as overalls are one of my favourite purchases of basically all time and they are just super and fun and one of my favourite ways to wear denim.  "4 Mosts," for the same reason - they are my most, most, most, most preferred article of cloth. Yes, that is times four.  Here I wear a Zara Trafulac denim dungarees, a Zara Basic lace short sleeved top, and a Zara embellished blue bomber jacket.  I like the put together look that the addition of the lace-olicious top adds underneath a typically rockin dungaree.  I also like the way my converse and jacket team up like buddies and keep on pummelling with effortless cool. 

Denim on denim, pink and black scarf, black oxfords, TNA light wash denim top, rag & bone boyfriend jeans

Meet the Tuxedo of Canada, or so they say.  A look which Canada happens to be credited with. The reasons?  Let's just say that my brain cells fail to retain this information- or it's just a big 'ole mystery.  I wasn't aware that the typical Canadian's uniform involved multiple layers of denim, but I like it.  I'm just not so sure that denim on more denim is worn by the majority, but hey, whatever floats the various goats.   I also wasn't aware that we don't wear typical tuxedos.  Huh. You acquire new knowledge daily I suppose. So, to create the tuxedo, I wear Rag & Bone boyfriend jeans, a TNA light wash denim shirt, Kate & Mel via Town Shoes black suede oxford style shoes and a pink and black scarf.  This denim look is probably best left to fall, but it basically is fall this summer so indeed it works.

Abercrombie & Fitch shorts and Wilfred black and white top

Ah, the unexpected joys of a closet coral - an unplanned look.  These are my go-to shorts, bejewelled, slightly high waisted, and simply superb.  I purchased them before a vacation at Abercrombie & Fitch and the top is Wilfred courtesy of my mom's closet. (Thank heavens for that place, believe me).  To me, cut-offs are a great way to wear denim in the summer.

Embroidered back American Eagle Jacket, Aritzia tunic, kenneth cole boots

Here I wear an Aritzia black tunic belted, Kenneth Cole studded boots, an American Eagle jean jacket with an embroidered back and my Citizen watch, while surrounded by the rustic forest setting just opposite the industrial star shown in the next photo.  I like the edge of the low boots consumed by studs with bare legs and the tunic.  The jacket offers protection from unfortunate genres of weather I have been exposed too as well as a ba-boom-you-thought-this-was-typical-but-nuhuh impact with the embroidered back.  I actually have an oversized denim jacket like this that was my dads.  We'll have to discuss this in another timeframe.

Topshop denim shift dress, Joe Fresh plaid flannal around waist, converse

The last, but certainly not the least of the denim outfittings.  Here I wear a Topshop multi-wash denim shift dress, which has POCKETS.  A suitable bonus, because you can store items that you may need or when in doubt of hand activities, simply place your hands inside the pocket and alas problem is most likely solved.  I then tied a red and black Joe Fresh flannel top around my waist because that is a joyful activity, threw on beat up Converse and set out for a day of par-T-ing.  Kidding we didn't really party, but yeah, no stresses.  Plus, frequently, it has been found that a fun look is a party in itself!

Ah-ha, denim is a pretty super piece of fabric, Cardin, one with out which I'd probably be really sad and probably distressed, however if it had never existed I'm not sure I'd know the difference. Regardless, denim pummels so I say we wear it with creativity for many years to come! .

Leave your thoughts on denim distaste or, contrarily, your favourite ways to wear the fabric in a comment below! 

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