Friday, August 9, 2013

The Problem Piece - The Shoe that Cannot Win

Joe Fresh nude platforms / flatforms, Muskoka, Greenery, Plants, Gardening Tools, Drift woof

I think it's fair to say that we all have that one item lurking someplace in our closets, whether it be a shoe or shirt, that's a proverbiable thorn in our fashion side - we love it, but we don't know what to do with it.  That one article of clothing or accessory that made you feel like the wittiest of witsters when you bought it, but now you just can't seem you crack your favourite joke.  That joke's like an egg shell that just wont shatter.  Sometimes it was an impulse buy, or maybe you were pressured, and sometimes its not even that.  Unfortunately, I have come face to face, or better, foot to foot with these devious devils - and they don't even look like devils!! Nude, strappy sandals, half way between a flatform and a platform sandal, they should be perfect!  Why aren't they perfect? I asked myself, I asked others.

Nude Joe Fresh Sandals, Wooden Table, Exterior, Birch Bark, Logs, Greenery, Plants,

Alas, meet the culprit.  I have coveted and wished for a pair of flatforms for months - WELL, maybe actually a year and a half and 3 days, but perhaps that's irrelevant.  Naturally, I was was ecstatic upon their arrival.  I loved them.

Sure, wearing flatforms around the house in my hobo clothes was thoroughly enjoyable, but it was not overly fulfilling - and eventually a shoe has to break out into the open air of the great wide world.  But, to my despair, trying to produce an outfit in typical daytime format including these shoes was a struggle I couldn't imagine.  Discovering how to wear flatform/platform sandals was a challenge.  And believe me people, I tried, and I tried, and I kept trying because someone once told me and I'm sure the same for you, if at first you don't succeed try, try again.

Now, inside that brain of yours picture the product of many failed look ideas.  Late night thoughts kiboshed (yes, this particular struggle has kept me up at night - or perhaps was just the subject of my late night thoughts) and everything else exasperated.  My room was a disaster.  I would think up idea after idea and always fell short, truly a travesty, but perhaps it was all over thought.  I had tried boy friend jeans, shorts, anything, but in the end, what worked was what I thought I had to get away from all along.  The dress.

Joe Fresh Nude Platform Sandals, H&M Frock, Mackage for Aritzia Olive Leather Jacket, Sarah Pacini scarf, Sparkly Headband, Zoe Kovacs

With the input of my Mom and a scroll through the archive that is my IPhone outfit selfie repertoire, I believe I hit the bull straight in it's eye! The dress was found.  This H&M dress that seems to be french inspired, was the first step.  I then decided on my new Mackage for Aritzia olive leather jacket(which I LOVE to say the least), a borrowed Sarah Pacini scarf and some Ray Ban sun glasses! To top it off, I have a sparkly headband as also shown in this post.  And slowly, piece by piece that first look that these shoes have been incorporated into came together - a very satisfying occurrence, if I do say so myself.  I think this look would be easy to carry into early fall because its still warm enough for bare legs and the jacket provides warmth.

That tragic, lurking problem piece, is now no longer a lurker! This is only the first step, perhaps I'll step out in these shoes in other looks to come.. hmm.

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