Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Return To Civilization and the Appropriate Dressing

commes des garcons t shirt, helmut lang cardigan, zara basic skort trend
Today, a terrible treachery has hit me hard in the head almost as though it is an apple falling from a tall tree, with a pesky squirrel, downwards on to your head.  Darn those squirrels and other tree creatures, eh?  Get ready because I apologize in advance for bringing this sad situation to your attention; education commences in just two short weeks.  Now, I really do like school (ah, perhaps I'm strange, but I am aware).  However I am highly unaccepting of it and discomforted by the termination of summer vacation especially considering the speed at which this traumatic termination is taking place.

This whole travesty struck me yesterday as I realized it was my last full day at the cottage other then the weekend to come, and today I travel back towards the rush of civilization, also understood to be the homeland.  Sure, this new setting will not bring the end of summer any quicker (thank heavens), but it does mean that the relaxing cottage lifestyle I have grown quite fond of over the summer and basically all prior summers will disappear. 

I suppose this isn't an entirely awful occurrence.  With a return to the homestead comes structure and routine, a smaller inclination to eat my twice my weight in food daily, destinations within a 20 minute radius and the opportunity to dress freely without the worry of a sudden inclination to enter a large body of water.  Upon my return, I will have access to the other 90 percent of my closet - lets all woop for that one.

commes des garcons t shirt, helmut lang cardigan, zara basic skort trend, white laceless onverse

Therefore, the outfit of the day in which re-entry occurs is ever fundamental and must be thoroughly super because it sets the tone for the entire returnal process.  And, since leaving serenity is very upsetting, it is important to have an uplifting collection of clothing embracing your body.  So shall we break down the what I wore for the occasion?  Yes.  I have chosen to sport the famous Zara Basic skort. Ah, I am aware this is particularly trendy, but I think I would have purchased it regardless for I really enjoy the dynamics and interest added by the wrap front.  And, in beautiful addition, a skort offers the excellence of a skirt and the comfort of shorts - a quite functional piece for the journey to civilization. Along with my skort, I wear white laceless Converse, a Commes Des Garçons shirt of the T genre and a Helmut Lang black sheer cardigan.  Hopefully this will be suitable for the journey and whatever awaits me at the homestead!  

Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave your comments or thoughts below! 

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